How Can You Test for Asbestos?


Asbestos often can be found in many areas of a home or business . It can be located in the floor tiles, linoleum, dry wall, dry wall joints, roofing, and the exterior. It is hard for consumers to identify it themselves. Consumers and businesses should have asbestos tested professionally before renovating or building or to determine the safety of the building.

A specialist will come to your home or business to inspect different rooms and the outside to determine where it is located. They can collect the sample, put it in the right container, and ship it to a lab to be tested. Often homes or businesses will test the air, building materials, or soil and water.

Air samples are measured by a method called Phase Contract Microscopy. It measures fibers that are in an air sample. It costs less and takes less time to perform. It gives a general description of the different types of fibers in the air sample. Another method the Transmission Electron Microscopy has become standard and allows professionals to identify large and small asbestos particles.

Building materials are often tested for asbestos using Polorized Light Microscopy. This method uses light to analyze mineral in fibers and helps identify asbestos. It will give the percentage of asbestos in materials, or a sample, when analyzed.

A professional tester may put down plastic sheeting in the area to be tested. They will collect the sample using special tools and specific methods. The sample will be sent to a lab to be analyzed. The results will be reported within a few days. To know if there are asbestos present in your home come ask the help of asbestos testing experts.