How Can You Test For Asbestos?


How can you test for asbestos?

When houses got constructed back in the '70s, and 60's asbestos was one of the primary materials used in construction as fire safe insulation, it was readily available and cost-effective. Asbestos has been associated directly and indirectly with causing approximately 2500 deaths annually due to its consequences of causing cancer once asbestos fiber has gotten inhaled. Since 1999, when asbestos manufacturing and use in products got entirely banned, the deadly material is still available in major buildings and other products produced before the ban. Most facilities that were constructed two decades ago, in most cases, contain asbestos materials.

Some of the areas and products you can test for asbestos include asbestos cement products, mostly drainage pipes and partitions. Textured coatings, textile, composite, and floor tiles are also areas where asbestos materials can get found.

Once you suspect your building or other products you are using might contain asbestos, you must conduct a thorough test to ascertain the possibility of any existing asbestos. First, it's critical to establish whether there were any asbestos activities in your property. It can get done by researching by speaking with previous homeowners in your area. Also, check and contact the suppliers of the materials that get used to construct your building.

Once you have ascertained that asbestos is part of your building, you must take a sample and send it for testing in an accredited asbestos laboratory. It would help if you took precautions and did not break any piece of the collected sample. Also, your selections must get handled with precaution under the specified guidelines and protocols of handling asbestos. Your collected sample must get wrapped under a potential hazard sampler's material that cannot leak under any circumstances.

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